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SR FarmaLife export consumables including hospital products, equipments of various therapies and usage. We participate in tenders to supply bulk quantity as well as export small quantity for channel partners.

1Anesthesia Products & Equipment
3Baby Care Equipment
4Cold Chain Equipment
5Diagnostic Instruments
6Electro Medical Equipment
7Hospital & Medical Clothing
8Hospital & Medical Furniture
9Hospital Holloware - Plastic
10Hospital Holloware - Stainless Steel
11Laboratory Equipment
13Medical Disposables
14Medical Examination Lights
15Medical Imaging Systems
16Medical Waste Management
17Micro Endoscopic Video System
18Microscopes, Microtomes & Projectors
19Miscellaneous Products
20Office Furniture
21Orthopaedic Implants & Instruments
22Pathology Lab Items
23Rehabilitation Gel & Cushioning Products
24Rehabilitation Products & Aids
25Shadowless Lights
26Sharps Container
27Sterilization Equipment & Accessories
28Suction Units
29Surgical Instruments (General)
30Surgical Needles
31Surgical Rubber Goods
32Surgical Sutures
33Syringe & Needle Destroyer
34UV Sterilizers
35Weighing Scales
36Syringe & Needle Destroyer
37UV Sterilizers
38Weighing Scales
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